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Flower Farm Experiences

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Who We Are

We provide authentic, guided flower farm experiences. In these experiences, you can cut and arrange your own fresh bo-k directly from our farm! We also sell wholesale to florists and independent floral designers. You can see our flowers in wedding design work, local wedding bouquets, personal bouquets, and several florist shops in the area.
Be sure to ask your florist or floral designer for locally grown flowers!

I'm Juliet, and I run Bo-K Flower Farm. We are a micro-scale flower farm growing in Southeastern Idaho.


Are you a Retail Florist or Independent Designer?

We offer flowers to our local florists and independent designers. Contact us and we can discuss our options!

We also offer delivery for our local retail florists and independent designers. Let us know if you are interested.


Located in Southeast Idaho

Our growing season is short, but the flowers we produce are beautiful and long lasting.


bo-k flower farm