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Make Memories

That Last

Press Fresh Flowers

Bookings available starting July 2 - September 15

Book Your Pressed Flower Class

Families  |  Couples  |  Friends

In the pressed flower class you will cut fresh flowers, and learn how to press them in your new flower press! We will have a teacher there to guide, teach, help, and answer any questions you may have. One flower press will be reserved for each customer to use & take home.

The Pressed Flower Class is $65.00 per person

(plus tax).

Each person will

take home their very own flower press.

With flowers you picked to press from our farm.

This experience is an hour and a half long guided experience.

Each experience holds up to six people each session.

Things to Know Before Your Experience

We encourage you to wear shoes that can get dirty - just in case!

Our farm is outside, so please wear sunscreen. You may also want to wear a sun hat!

Bee's and other insects flourish at the farm.

We will have a flower press reserved for you.

One per customer.

On our farm, we have chickens roaming the flower garden to eat bugs.

There is straw and grass on our farm.

Be wary if you are allergic.

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