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Limited Time

Peony U-Pick

Peony U-Pick Bo-k

only 12 spots available


Friday, June 21 (12 spots) 6pm - 8pm


Book today to come cut a 10 peony bo-k, and to walk around and enjoy the flower field.

*Dates may be adjusted due to Peony bloom times.

The Peony U-Pick is $50.00 per person

(plus tax).

Each person will take home their very own fresh cut 10 stem peony bo-k.

Cut, and arranged, by you!

Come and go when you please within your two hour u-pick window!

Things to Know Before Your Experience

We encourage you to wear shoes that can get dirty - just in case!

Our farm is outside, so please wear sunscreen. You may also want to wear a sun hat!

Bee's and other insects flourish at the farm.

We will have a cup for you to put your fresh-cut flowers into.

On our farm, we have chickens roaming the flower garden to eat bugs.

There is straw and grass on our farm.

Be wary if you are allergic.

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